'French toast' omelet
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Name'French toast' omelet
don't know about everyone else, but eggs just don't do it for me anymore. The thought of an omelet doesn't appeal to me at all. I threw this together this morning and it was surprisingly good!
Put 2 eggs into a small mixing bowl and whip with an electric mixer. I put in 1/4 t. of cream of tartar(not sure if it did anything or not). I whipped the eggs until paler yellow and 'foamy'. Then I added 2 pkts Equal and 1/2 t. of vanilla. After that was well blended, I folded in about 1/4 cup of whipping cream(already whipped). I preheated a medium skillet to medium heat and gently poured the egg mixture in and spread it out. Cover and let the mixture cook through. It doesn't take long, just until the 'wet egg' appearance is gone, on top. Carefully remove from skillet and sprinkle w/ cinnamon. Eat immediately, or it will 'fall'.
by J.Renee

Time submitted: Sunday, August 15. 2004 at 23:49:37
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