Amanda's Elegant Chicken/Crab bake
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NameAmanda's Elegant Chicken/Crab bake
SourceSubmitted By: A Metcalf
Prep. Time10 mins
4 chicken breasts halves cut in half or leave whole; 1, 6 oz. pkg crab claw meat,1/4c.Naturally Fresh Classic Ceasar dressing.1-2 tble. sm. capers
1 pkg.Bird's Eye pepper stir fry,thawed and drained
Step: 1Spray 13x9 casserole with Pam.Layer peppers in bottom of dish.Place chicken on top of peppers.In a bowl, mix crab,dressing,capers(salt/pepper to taste).Divide and spread mixture over chicken pieces.Loosely cover w/foil and bake at 350 degrees until chicken juices run clear.(I bake mine in an oven bag and I use 1 teas. cornstarch to shake in the bag).

Time submitted: Sunday, August 15. 2004 at 16:27:03
Contributed By: Anonymous
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