Any Flavor Mousse
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NameAny Flavor Mousse
1 pkg of any flavor diet (no sugar) jello. Strawberry and lime are great to start - but there is an amazing set of choices now.
6 oz cream cheese (experiment with the amount 4 oz to 8 oz to vary the lightness or fullness of the mousse)

whipped cream (optional)
Step: 1Mix jello with 2 cups boiling water stirring for two minutes. Add 1 cup crushed ice or ice cubes. Cut the cream cheese into small pieces (so it doesn't splatter the mixture). Beat with a mixer, or blend in a blender to mix the cream chese with the jello. Put in refrigerator till set. When you serve, add whipped cream on top for an elegant touch.

Variation. For a tripple treate, separate the jello after adding hot water and ice cubes into three bowls. Mix the first with cream cheese, the second with whipped cream and add about 1/3 cup water to the third. let them all set for about 15 mintues to 1/2 hour then pour the cream cheese mixture on the bottom of a larger bowl, the whipped cream mixture next and finally the only-jello. When set serve with whipped cream - this is really pretty. (Mix and match flavors too!)
Nutrition Information
Carbs = about 2 per serving.

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