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First, check for ripeness...
Hold avacado in your hand and press the skin gently with your fingers. If it gives a "hint" of softness it's ready. You don't want to wait until it's totally squishy because it will be over ripe by then.
Cut in half, remove seed and spoon the gooy green stuff out of the shell. Then there are several things you can do with it...
Step: 11) Sprinkle salt and lots of pepper on it and eat it alone
2) dice and toss in a salad
3) Mash with mayo, salt, pepper, and a touch of lemon juice:
a) spread on wasa fiber rye
b) serve with tacos made with LC tortillas
c) Spread on Napa Cabbage leaf and add crumbled bacon for an awesome sandwich!
d) use as pork rind dip
4) Put in blender with a little chopped tomatoe, onion, salt, pepper, and lemon juice to make a guacamole
Nutrition Information
***Please note. You can put avacado in a blender and add almost equal volume of lettice leaves. Blended together it makes avacado dip lighter and extends the amount without changing flavor.

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