Berry Good Jello
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NameBerry Good Jello
Source jeanie
Prep. Time20 Minutes
1 small box of sugar free
rasberry jello
1 small box of sugar free
cranberry jello
4 oz cream cheese
3 or 4 pkgs splenda
touch of heavy cream
tsp vanilla
Step: 1in a small sauce pan bring 1
cup water to the boil add pkg
cranberry jello, take off
heat and stir until
completely desolved. put in
med glass bowl and add 1 1/2
cup large crushed ice and
stir until the jello starts
to gel-remove any ice not
desolved. Do the same with
the rasberry jello only put
in a small bowl. Beat
splenda, cream cheese, and
vanilla in a bowl until
smooth. Add only enough cream
to make it easy to spread.
Spread on the cranberry
jello- beat the rasberry
jello until you can pour it
on top of the cream cheese
mixture. put it in the
fridge for a while.
Nutrition Information
Carbohydrates: total about 7

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