Awesome Cheesecake
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NameAwesome Cheesecake
SourceGeorge Adams
Prep. Time10 minutes
Cook Time45-50 min
6-8oz pkg. of philly cream ch.
4-whole eggs
2-egg yolks
42-pkg of equal brand sweetner
2-tbsp of pure van. extr
1-tbsp of any other flavor (i.e. orange, lemon)
Step: 1Blend all ingred. well in an electric mixer, place in well greased spring form pan 10" and bake in preheated 375d oven 45-50 min., allow to room cool for an hour, then place in refer...over night or at least three hours
Nutrition Information
4 carbs

Time submitted: Tuesday, August 10. 2004 at 14:53:47
Contributed By: Anonymous
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