Chilli Chicken Laksa
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NameChilli Chicken Laksa
Prep. Timequick
2 chicken breast fillets
1 onion
1/2 green pepper(capsicum for Aussies)
1 cup green beans
1 tblspn curry paste (red or panang)
1 tblspn peanut butter
1 tspn chopped chilli (more or less depends how hot you like it)

1 tspn sweetener
1 cup milk
1 cup water
2 tspn coconut extract
2 cups shredded chinese cabbage

Step: 1-Dice chicken fillets into thin strips and fry in pan with canola spray until browned.
-Add chopped onion, pepper and beans.
- Add curry paste, peanut butter and chilli, mix all ingrdients.
- Add milk,water and coconut extract.
- bring to boil slowly until sauce thickens.
-place 1 cup shredded chinese cabbage in bottom of bowl and pour 1/2 laksa over the top.

Time submitted: Tuesday, August 03. 2004 at 18:31:22
Contributed By: Jo
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