Cheesy Bacon Chicken
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NameCheesy Bacon Chicken
Prep. Time45 min
Chicken Breasts (4)Bacon (8 strips)shredded cheddar
Garlic powder
black pepper
crushed red pepper
onion powder
Step: 1Cook bacon in skillet to desired crispness.Place bacon on a plate, butleave bacon grease in skillet.Season the chicken according to taste. (I've found that lots of garlic and black pepper and a little of the other is best). Place chicken in bacon grease and cook on low/medium heat until cooked through. (cooking too high makes the chicken too tough).Top with two pieces of bacon long wise. Then top with cheddar cheese.Cover skillet until cheese melts. Makes a delicous dinner. Some people like it with mushrooms and bacon (but remember to add the carbs for mushrooms)
Nutrition Information
Carbohydrates: based on amount of cheese

Time submitted: Tuesday, August 03. 2004 at 15:57:55
Contributed By: Tara
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