Barbeque Sauce Substitute
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NameBarbeque Sauce Substitute
This is not really a recipe - it is a great idea!
Schilling brand Barbeque Seasoning (traditional blend)
olive or canola oil
Step: 1I love barbeque flavor and will try the other barbeque sauce recipes listed here but for a basically no-card barbeque flavor I take Schilling brand Barbeque Seasoning (traditional blend - found by the other spices in a grocery store) and mix it with oil (I use olive or canola oil) and brush it on whatever meat I am baking that night. I rinse the meat in cold water and pat it dry with paper towels before brushing this on with a regular barbeque sauce brush before baking. It won't be a "saucy" consistancy but the barbeque flavor is there. Anyway, just an idea. I also sprinkle this in the bag (without oil) before I microwave J & J critters microwave pork rinds (regular flavor) to give them some zip without buying all thier available flavors. Just a note - I love J & J critters cajun and zippy tomato horseradish dip mixes with their pork rinds. It really hits that "potato chip & dip" craving.

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