Piggies in a Poncho
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NamePiggies in a Poncho
-Any type of sausage could be used.
8 La Tortilla Whole Wheat tortillas
8 Frankfurters -- or smokies
2 cups salsa
2 cups shredded lettuce -- iceberg
1 cup sour cream
Step: 1-Grill or fry the smokies or weiners until piping hot.Keep warm.
-Warm the tortillas in the microwave or lightly on the BBQ .
-To assemble:Place some shredded lettuce down the centre of the warm tortilla, place a smokie or weiner on top of the lettuce.
-Top with generous spoons of salsa & dollops of sour cream.
-Fold sides up to the top & secure with a toothpick if needed.**Be careful not to bite down on the pick!!**
-Continue with the ingredients until all are wrapped.
-Serve immediatley while still warm
-Another variation would be to add roasted pepper strips{sweet &/or hot} & fried onion strips....add the carbs though!!
Nutrition Information
Carb count per Poncho:16.5 minus 9.6 grams fiber= 6.9 carbs per

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