Awesome shish ke bobs
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NameAwesome shish ke bobs
Serves/Yields3 skewers for 2 people
Sirloin tips and/or boneless chicken
onion (vidalia is best)
peppers red and green
terriyaki sauce (as much as needed to cover meats)
cherry tomato (optional) as are all veggies
Step: 1This is best when grilled, I havent tried cooking it any other way. I just buy the sirloin strips (when on sale of and cut them into cubes about an inch or so. Same with chicken. Marinate them both in terriyaki sauce (separate bowls for chicken and beef) The chicken doesnt need to marinate very long as it soaks up the sauce very quickly, Id say 2-4 hours ( I do both overnight sometimes). I like to soak the beef overnight (its delicious this way). You can add garlic to the marinade, i do sometimes. Then it doesnt take a rocket scientist, when ready to grill (get that grill nice and hot!) I put all the veggies and meat onto skewers ( I dont alternate meat and veggies cause I like my veggies cooked crisp and the meat medium) and just cook em up. If you dont have large openings in your grill you could cook without skewers or cover grill with foil. Try this recipe, its simple and tastes like heaven, its really worth the time to try. Also everyone in the family can enjoy these. Keeps well and tastes great the next day warmed up. Enjoy!

I don't know the exact carb count. Figure the onion, mushrooms and peppers, a few cherry tomatoes. The terriyaki sauce, it seems to me that very little actually gets absorbed by the meat. If you are a careful counter i would measure it first and then measure it after you take out the meat.

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