Faux Fettuccini
Status Approved
NameFaux Fettuccini
CategoryPizza and Pasta
Prep. Time10 minutes
3 Large Zucchini (cut longways to make small noodles)
1 stick of butter/margarine
1 quart Half & Half
1 pint Heavy whipping cream
8 oz Parmesan cheese/grated1 small pkg fresh mushrooms
15-20 fresh shrimp
1 tbl garlic powder
salt/pepper to taste
Step: 1Boil cut up zucchini about 5 minutes (do not overcook, still want a bit of stiffness)On the last 2 minutes, add the shrimp. Saute mushrooms in butter. Add in half & half, cooked shrimp, garlic, salt/pepper. Cook over med heat about 10 minutes. Slowly add parmesan cheese while still stirring. Once melted, add heavy whipping cream, stir constantly until thickened (will not be too thick-you can thicken more by adding more cheese). Pour over zucchini.
Nutrition Information
2-3g carbs

Time submitted: Monday, July 19. 2004 at 20:36:16
Contributed By: Rhonda
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