Breakfast Omelet
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NameBreakfast Omelet
Prep. Time5 minutes
Cook Time4 minutes
Quick and easy. That's how I cook everything.
meat (bacon, ham, sausage) to taste
2-3 eggs (depending on how hungry you are)
mushrooms (fresh or canned)
brocolli (I cut the little green parts off so they sprinkle)
cauliflower (I use the small leftovers of cutting the head up)
3 slices of american cheese

All ingredients above can be used in any amount to your taste.
Step: 1Beat the eggs and pour into warm skillet. When the eggs can be turned, turn them over and cook the other side (use large spatula and turn over QUICKLY!). Eggs should look like a round plate. Immediately add all ingredients except cheese and spread over eggs. Let this cook about 30-45 seconds (just until hot) then place 2 slices of the cheese over half the eggs and fold the eggs in half to form omelet. Cook about 30 seconds then turn and cook about 30 seconds. Place the last slice of cheese on top.

You can add any other low carb ingredients you wish or take away any of these.
Nutrition Information
I have no idea........but I think there are no carbs.

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