Authentic fish ceviche
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NameAuthentic fish ceviche
Prep. Time10 min + marinating
2 firm tomatoes
1 white onion
1 pound of fish.

Sea salt
3 - 5 large lemons
ground pepper.
Step: 1- Chop the onion and tomatoes into small squares (about 1cm each). Do the same with the fish.

- Put the fish into the container you will be using to serve it. Add the juice from the lemons and about 1/2 a cup of water. Then add your diced tomatoes and onions too.

- Let this sit for about an hour or two (even though ceviche is usually ready in 20 mins, the longer it marinades, the better it will be). Then mix it up some more and serve into large coctail glasses or bowls.

---Every thing you need to know about Ceviche!---

-Any firm, white fleshed fish will do. The more certain you are of its origins, the better. Sashimi quality of course is the optimal option, if you can get it.
-The citric acid in the lime will cook the fish. So no.. its not "tangy raw fish".
-Feeling tough? Put in a few sliced Serranos or Jalapeņos... just make sure they are the fresh, non pickled variety.
- Other great veggies you can put in it? Cuccumber is very common, as is cellery. I've heard that in the south shredded carrot is used as well.
- Ceviche can be made with any seafood, if you are using shirm you might want to boil it first unless you are sure that its coming from a very safe source. In mexico Im used to eating the shirm fresh out of the sea.
-The mighty campechana: In other words the ultimate manifestation of ceviche... it has: shrimp, oyster, scallops, octopus, fish, muscle and any thing else the cook can find. This food is usually frightening to turists (looks like something eaten in star wars) but if you get in the habbit you cant believe how invigorating it is.
- In mexico very few guy's dont know how to make ceviche. Almost any bachelor know's how to whip up a big batch to eat while watching t.v... hehehe.
- If you can get some low carb tortilla chips or crakers, that is what goes best with ceviche.
Nutrition Information
Carbohydrates: very few

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