Cheesy "Potato Skin" - Induction Friendly
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NameCheesy "Potato Skin" - Induction Friendly
Serves/Yields1 serving
SourceMy own craving creativity
Prep. Time30 seconds
Cook Time1 minute
Ever crave those delicious potato skins? These are a quick and easy snack replacement.
Small handful shredded cheese (I use co-jack)
Small handful real bacon bits
Sour cream
Step: 1Sprinkle cheese in center of waxed paper plate to form a circle. Not too thick and even all the way around. Microwave on high for 30 seconds. Edges should be lightly brown and center fully melted. Dab off grease with paper towel and sprinkle bacon bits on top of cheese. Microwave on high for another 20 seconds. Top with sour cream and ENJOY!!
Nutrition Information
About 1 to 2 carbs, depending on your cheese and sour cream content.

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