Tuna Boats
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NameTuna Boats
Prep. Time10 Minutes
Cook Time15 Munutes
I thought of this one day and it really came out good.
This is my tuna recipie but you can fix or add to your tuna
what ever you like. I have'nt tried this with chicken salad
but I know it would be good too. A quick snack that is easy to
make to keep on hand or to take to work for lunch.

4 Boiled eggs (I only use 1 yoke and throw the other 3 away)
1 Can of Tuna in water
2 Tbs. mayo
1 Tbs. mustard
Salt and Pepper to taste
Onion Powder and Garlic Powder to taste
3 large dill pickles sliced in half length to make boats
pickle pulp
Step: 1Using a small fruit scooper, scoop out the inside of the pickle halves just
down the middle removing the seeds and some of the pickle. This is what
I call pickle pulp. Add to tuna , chopped egg, and other ingredients and
mix well stuff your pickle boat. Very Good.
Nutrition Information
3 Large pickles 3 Carbs
1 Can of Tuna 0 Carbs
Mustard 0 Carbs
Mayo 0 Carbs
Garlic Powder Trace
Onion Powder Trace
3 Boiled Eggs (Using 1 Yoke) 1 Carb ( from 1 yoke)
Carbs for entire Snack 4 Carbs

Time submitted: Sunday, March 11. 2007 at 11:54:07
Contributed By: Anonymous
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