Raspberry Sauce
Status Approved
NameRaspberry Sauce
Prep. Time1 - 2 min
Cook Time10 -15 sec in microwave
Easy Raspberry Sauce for Cheesecake
Sugar Free Raspberry Jam (or any flavor you like) - I usually use Smuckers brand
Step: 1Spoon out desired amout of Raspberry Jam into a microwave safe bowl
Add water and mix well
Put bowl in microwave for 10 - 15 seconds to heat
Stir and spoon desired amount over low carb cheesecake

You can also skip the microwave by using hot water to start with
Nutrition Information
1 Tablespoon of Smuckers Sugar Free Raspberry Jam has 5 carbs but you won't need that much to get a nice tart flavor with your cheesecake

Time submitted: Thursday, October 19. 2006 at 14:38:58
Contributed By: Anonymous
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