Carb Free Lasagne
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NameCarb Free Lasagne
CategoryPizza and Pasta
Serves/YieldsSize dependant
Prep. Time30 mins
Cook Time1+ hours
This is a basic lasagne recipe that you personalise to your own tastes.

Quantities provided are for 2 people but just this recipe sizes up very easily so this can be for as many people as you would like.
Heres your first choice - the main ingriedient. You can use anything its up to you. I'll use mince as an example.
Finely chopped garlic (quantity is at your descretion)
Red Chilli (about half of one is usually enough but again, quantity is at your discretion)
Olive oil
16 Cherry tomatoes (in quarters)
1 red onion
1 Aubregine
4 Eggs
Plain Flour
Parmesan Cheese or any cheese you would like.

(If you want this totally car-free then replace the aubregine and flour with slices of mushroom)
Step: 1We'll start of with the pasta replacement - the aubregine.

1. Slice in lengthways into slices almost 1cm thick.
2. Beat the four eggs and pour them onto a plate.
3. Put some plain flour onto a seperate plate.
4. Coat the slices with four first, then dip them in egg.
5. Fry these off until they brown, once you have enough slices you can leave them to cool until needed again.

Now the main dish.

1. Having prepped of your ingredients pour a small amount of oil into you pan (large pan will be helpful). Also pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees centigrade (gas mark 5)
2. Add the chopped red onion.
3. About 1 minute later add the garlic and the chilli.
4. Once the onion is starting to brown add the mince(if you are using something vastly different like prawns you'll have to modify the order the ingredients go in).
5. Once the mince starts to go brown add the chopped cherry tomatoes.
6. Continue cooking until the tomatoes have softened.
7. Take your pan off the heat now and get the dish you wish to bake your lasagne in.
8. Place the first layer of filling in the bottom and sprinkle some of your cheese on that.
9. Now place a layer of the fried aubregine on top of that.
10. Continue layering until you have used all of your filling. Place no aubregine slices on the top layer.
11. Now that you have your dish ready sprinkle the top layer wish as much cheese as you like.
12. Now place in the oven at 200 degrees centigrade (gas mark 5) until the cheese on top is golden brown. (around 40+ minutes)
13. leave to cool for 10 minutes before serving, chopped parsley is nice finishing touch.


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