Doesn't have a name - very cheap and good
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NameDoesn't have a name - very cheap and good
Serves/Yieldsa lot
Prep. Time10 minutes
2-3 lbs of hamburger
1 can of beef broth
Shredded cheese of your choice.
Step: 1(1) Simply fry your hamburger.
(2) Pour the can of beef broth over it.
(3) Add cheese and stir.
My family isn't on any diet restrictions, so I boiled some noodles and put it over that for them, added more cheese on top and WOW my kids who are picky at 5 & 6 years old loved this.
Nutrition Information
carbs from cheese

Time submitted: Wednesday, July 14. 2004 at 12:08:34
Contributed By: amy
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