Carp Kabobs
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NameCarp Kabobs
Serves/Yields4 people
SourceMy Family
Prep. Time1 hr
Cook Time15 - 30 min
Carp Kabobs are very tasty and can be relatively inexpensive.
Fix the typical green peppers, onions, etc.
You need about 2 lbs of Carp filets cut thick.
Carp can be bought at Asian markets or can
Easily be caught almost anywhere (for cheapskates like me).
Step: 1Get your skewer and start threading the goodies.
On a grill (one that burns coal and wood) use a good wood charcoal.
I always say cook it slow, but if you canít wait that long just be sure there is plenty of smoke pumping out of that grill. This gives the Carp a great flavor.
Nutrition Information
Not sure about the Nutritional value but it sure taste good.

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