Amanda's delicious chicken avocado wrap
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NameAmanda's delicious chicken avocado wrap
CategorySandwiches, Miscellaneous, Bread
This is a really simple sandwich but I feel SOOO good when I eat this for lunch, or dinner! Its filling, VERY healthy, and VERY low carb!
1 low carb tortilla wrap
1 avocado
roasted red pepper slices
sliced chicken breast
2 slices american cheese
Step: 1Spread mayo down the center of the wrap. Place avocado slices and all other ingredients on the mayo. Sprinke with salt and pepper, wrap like a burrito, and enjoy! I like to eat it with marinated mushrooms and fresh mozzarella on the side.
Nutrition Information
10 Grams of carbs.

Time submitted: Tuesday, April 18. 2006 at 14:32:09
Contributed By: Anonymous
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