Homemade TACO seasoning
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NameHomemade TACO seasoning
Do this to your taste.. I really don't measure.. sorry! I have provided web
sites for a couple of the spices...
I use a mixture of ground pepper, cayenne pepper, dried ancho chili powder (penzeys.com), chipotle powder (penzeys.com), Kermit's key lime spice, this is the secret ingredient! (keylimestore.com)
paprika, cumin, bay leaf (grind up), salt, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder (lots)
Nutrition Information
about 4 g carbs for this entire mix, add any carbs in the salsa and wrap meat in lettuce leaves (or low carb tortillas from netrition.com), add cheese, and sr. crème and salsa and avocodo…. Yum

Time submitted: Friday, February 17. 2006 at 12:06:25
Contributed By: LovesDaisys
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