Beef Stroganov
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NameBeef Stroganov
Prep. Time12 minutes
1/2 cup ground beef
1 shallot diced or 1/4 onion
1/2 cup beef broth
1 teasp Dijon Mustard
1 Tbsp. White Wine Vinegar
1 cup cauliflower, chopped
1/2 can mushrooms
1/3 cup sour cream
1 Tbsp diced green onions
Step: 1In Skillet: Add 1/2 cup ground beef, 1 shallot diced or 1/4 onion Saute until done. Add 1/2 cup beef broth, 1 teasp Dijon Mustard and 1 Tbsp. White Wine Vinegar simmer 2-4 min.

In bowl: Chop 1 cup cauliflower and Microwave 3min. Add: 1/2 can mushrooms and 3 Tbsp juice with Caul. to skillet. Simmer 2-3 min. then remove from heat, fold in 1/3 cup sour cream, 1 Tbsp. diced green onions.

How to prepare? With Russian folk music of course. Dessert: Half and half with 1 Tbsp Atkins chocolate syrup, yum!
Nutrition Information
Less than 5g carbs

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