No Crust Pizza Pie
Status Approved
NameNo Crust Pizza Pie
CategoryPizza and Pasta
SourceSubmitted By: Mary
Prep. Time30 minutes
1 pkg italian sausage
1 pkg pepporoni chunks
1 pkg sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup spaghetti sauce
sliced onion
1/4 cup sliced green olives
shredded mozarella cheese
Step: 1fry sausage in pan. when almost done add mushrooms and onions to saute in sausage oil. when sausage is completely cooked, add pepporoni, olives and spaghetti sauce and mix together. Remove from heat. Stir in apx. 1/4 cup of mozarella cheese. Mix together. Press mixture into small cake pan. Add more mozarella cheese to top of mixture. Place in oven until cheese is melted.

Nutrition Information
Carbohydrates: apx. 5-6 per serving

Time submitted: Wednesday, August 18. 2004 at 08:47:46
Contributed By: Mary
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