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Suzanne Somers' Diet This diet has a slightly different approach to low carb eating. It is not so much how much you eat, but what you eat and in what combinations. You must eliminate sugar and white flour from your diet. Fruits can be eaten but only alone, on an empty stomach. Complex carbohydrates should only be eaten in combination with vegetables and NO fats. Proteins and fats can be eaten but only with vegetables. Proteins and fats must NEVER be eaten with complex carbohydrates. You should wait at least 3 hours before switching from a Protein/Fat meal to one of complex carbohydrates. You should never skip meals and should eat enough to feel comfortably full. Somers is a big advocate of exercise and feels that it is essential to a healthy lifestyle. She feels that a combination of her diet and exercise will reprogram a person's metabolism, increase energy, improve digestion and lead to a desirable body weight. Our diet plan is based on food combining with three food groups: carbs with non-starchy vegies, pro/fats with non-starchy vegies. and fruit. The seven rules that are the core of this program are: 1. Eliminate all funky foods (those that tend to be metabolized rapidly to sugar or those that contain proteins, fats, and carbs thus not fitting exclusively into the carb or pro/fat groups. Examples are all sugars and syrups, beets, carrots, non-whole grain flours, white rice, corn, potatoes, winter squashes, bananas, nuts olives, soy products, alcohol, caffeine. 2. Always eat fruit alone on an empty stomach and preferably first thing in the morning. After eating fruits, you must wait 20 minutes to eat carbohydrates OR 60 minutes for a pro/fat meal. After eating carbs or pro/fats, you must wait 2 hours to eat fruits again. 3. Eat protein/fat meals with vegies. Pro fats include all meats, cheeses, eggs, oils (preferably olive or canola), SF full-fat mayo and full fat dairy products. 4. Eat carbohydrate meals with vegies but no fats. Never eat carbs later than the noon meal. (For maximum weight loss, carbs should be limited to 3 meals per week.) Carbs include non-fat dairy products, beans, brown rice, whole grain flours and cereals, non-fat mayo and peas. 5. Keep protein/fats separate from carbohydrates. 6. If switching from a pro/fat meal to a carb meal (or vice versa), you must wait three hours between those two food groups. 7. Do not skip meals. Eat three or more meals each day, and eat until you feel satisfied and comfortably full. Never eat until you feel stuffed! Check out the website: Suzanne Somers

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Published on: 2008-02-27 (19711 reads)

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